Near-Earth Asteroids precovery
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Welcome to the programme of precovering Near Earth Asteroids. This is an educational programme conducted by the Spanish Virtual Observatory whose main goal is to offer students, amateur astronomers and the public in general the possibility of identifying in astronomical archives asteroids that may hit the Earth.

If you want to know more about asteroid precovery, click "Introduction". If you want to participate in this programme, click "Register". If already registered, then write down your e-mail and password and click "login". After this, click "Objects" to start looking for asteroids.


Outstanding results

29/04/2013 2010 CJ56 and 2012 FC (Mars crossers) identied in SDSS images 5.5 y 9 years before their discovery.

The measurements were made by the following collaborators:

F. Arias Arias, F. Ayala Zurbano, J.M. Barandica Rodriguez, J.C. Cabrera Garcia, M. Camara, C. Cornen, J.M. De La Osa Lopez, A. De Pieri, A. Del Castillo, J.L. Diaz Cecilia, A. Diez Penas, E. Garces, E. Garcia Del Moral, P. Gimenez, E. Gomez Fernandez, P.L. Gonzalez, J.A. Gutierrez Perez, L. Hudin, L. Iglesias Jimenez, V. Lanchares Barrasa, A. Manchado, M. Martin Martin, A.F. Montoya H., V.J. Ospina Moreno, H. Pachon Sanchez, R. Pulido, Á. Requena Villar, C. Rodrigo, C. Sala Puig, T. Sanchez Jimenez, F.J. Sevilla Cervantes, E. Solano, S. Sopelana, J. Vazquez, J.R. Vidal Blanco




If you use this service in your research, please include the following acknowledgement in any resulting publications:

"This publication makes use of the NEAs Precovery Service, developed under the Spanish Virtual Observatory project (Centro de Astrobiología, INTA-CSIC)  supported from the Spanish MICINN through grants AyA2008-02156 and AyA2011-24052".

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